A small compilation of our major achievements in 2009 :

National Conferences

  • 3 papers were selected at Second Conference on Digital Convergence held at RMK Engineering College from April 5-6 2009.
  • The conference was attended by Shekhil Hassan, Ashwin Mohan, Vivek P, Tanmay Rao, Venkat Krishnan,Vineeth Sarma, Rahul Srikumar, Mithun M from S8 ECE
  • 3 Members from 2009 ECE passout batch also attended the conference. They were Aswathy Prasad, Kamya Krishnan, Karthika
  • 1. Title : Simple Implementation Technique for Highly Complex Real
    Time MPEG -4 Video Encoding and Decoding using VHDL and MATLAB
    Authors: Aswathy Prasad (S8 EC), Karthika (S8 EC), Kamya  Krishnan (S8 EC), Parvathy (S8 EC) , Rajesh Kannan Megalingam,2. Title: Power Saving Implementation of Data Path with Serialized Input
    Authors: Venket Krishnan B (S6 EC), Rahul Srikumar(S6 EC), Vineeth Sarma(S6 EC), Mithun M(S6 EC), Rajesh Kannan Megalingam,

    3. Title: Performance Enhancement in Instruction Level Parallelism
    Authors:  Vivek P(S6 EC),  Shekhil Hassan T(S6 EC),  Ashwin Mohan(S6 EC),  Tanmay Rao M(S6 EC), Rajesh Kannan Megalingam

International Conferences in India

  • 1 paper got selected in International Conference on VLSI and Communication (ICVCom 2009)  ,St Gits College Of Engineering,Kottayam April 15-16 2009.
  • Attended by IEEE Student Members Nived Krishnan,Venkat Krishnan, Arjun Ashok from S8 ECE.
  • Title : Single Electronics, Single Electron Transistors and Digital Logic
International Conference in China
  • 3 papers got selected at International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology held at Beijing China from 8-12 August 2009.
  •  7 IEEE student members attended the conference.
  • Iype P Joseph, Arjun Ashok , Nived Krishnan,  Tanmay Rao, Ashwin Mohan, Shekhil Hassan, Vivek P from S8 ECE
  • 1. Paper Title : Power Consumption Reduction in CPU Datapath using a Novel
    Clocking Scheme
    Authors: Rajesh Kannan M, Shekhil Hassan T, Vivek P, Ashwin Mohan and Tanmay Rao M
    2. Paper Title : Highly Power Efficient, Uncompromised Performance Cache Design Using Dual-Edged Clock
    Authors: Rajesh Kannan M, Nived Krishnan, Arjun Ashok V and Arunkumar M
    3. Paper Title : Phased Set Associative Cache Design For Reduced Power Consumption
    Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Deepu.K.B, Iype P. Joseph, and Vandana
    4. Paper Title : Low Power Losssless Compression Of Real Time Mpeg4 Video Encoding And Decoding Using Vhdl And Matlab
    Authors: Aswathy Prasad, Kamya Krishnan, Karthika, Parvathy, Rajesh
    Kannan Megalingam

International Conference in Vienna

  • 1 paper got selected at Multi Core System on Chip in conjunction with 38th International Conference on Parallel Processing held at Vienna , Austria from Sept 22 – 25 2009.
  • 2 student members attended the conference, Rahul Srikumar and Mithun M.
  • Title: Gating and Serializing the Data Path of CPU for Low Power Consumption
    Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Venkat Krishnan B, Rahul Srikumar, Mithun M and Vineeth Sarma”

International Conference in Malaysia

  • 2 papers were selected at International Conference on Computer Technology and Development from Nov 13 – 14 2009.
  • Paper Title : Hardware Implementation of Low Power, High Speed DCT/IDCT Based Digital Image Watermarking
    Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam,Venkat Krishnan.B,Vineeth Sarma.V, Mithun.M and Rahul SrikumarPaper Title : Novel Low Power, High Speed Hardware Implementation of 1D DCT/IDCT Using Xilinx FPGA
    Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam,Venkat Krishnan.B,Vineeth Sarma.V, Mithun.M and Rahul Srikumar
International Conference in Dubai
  • 2 papers were selected at International Conference on MEMS,Nano and Smart Systems from Dec 25-26 2009.
  • Devidayal Soman , Jessin ,Srikanth from S6 ECE attended the conference.
  • Title : Low Power Consumption Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Adder (ICCEE 2009)
    Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Gautham P and Parthasarathy R (All S7 ECE Students)
    Title: Power Aware Automatic Microcontroller Based Smart, College Electric Bell System with Time Display (ICMENS 2009)
    Authors: Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Venkat Krishnan Balasubramanian, Mithun Muralidharan Nair, Vineeth Sarma Venugopala Sarma, Rahul Srikumar (All S7 ECE Students)
    Title: Low Power Microcontroller Based Simple Smart Token Number Display System (ICMENS 2009)
    Authors:  Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Sreenath P S, Devidayal Soman, Jessin P A, Srikanth (All S5 ECE Students)

International Conference Malaysia, Singapore

  • 1 paper was selected at Singapore.
  • Parthasarthy R and Gautham P from S8 ECE attended the conference.
  • 1 paper was selected at Malaysia
  • Nikhil Krishnan and Vineeth Kumar from S6 ECE attended the conference.



International Conf. China
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