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Student project from Amrita funded by IEEE Foundation for US $7520

We are very proud and honoured in informing you all that the project “Intelligent Home Navigation System for Elderly and Physically Challenged” by a team of Mr. Rajesh Kannan, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham IEEE BC,  Ramesh N Nair and Sai Manoj P, both students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham IEEE SB, Kollam has got a grant of US $7,520 (approx. Rs 3,45,000) from IEEE Foundation Inc., NJ, USA. This a great achievement for IEEE Student Branch of Amrita , LINK and for the IEEE Kerala Section. This is the first time in the history of IEEE Kerala Section that a student project has got a grant worth US $7520. This is also the first in our campus history that students are getting such an high amount as grants for their projects. The project will span for a duration of two years.

Project Summary:

Title: Intelligent Home Navigation System (IHNS) for the elderly and the physically challenged.

Summary: Normally the elderly people forget the way to the different rooms in the home and the physically challenged people find it tough to navigate inside without external aid. The existing systems such as joy stick control wheelchairs are not customizable to deal with different degrees of disability. This project helps the unfortunate elderly and the physically challenged people which include the quadriplegics for their locomotion inside the home with the help of a gesture based wheelchair. The system comprises of preloaded map of the home for automation, and the personal security features.


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Amrita IEEE students prepare for Singapore

Br. Rajesh Kannan’s students continue to be invited to present research papers at major conferences around the world.
Three groups of students will have the opportunity to travel to Singapore to present their work at the International Conference of Mechanical and Electrical Technology in September 2010.
“All three papers resulted from final-year BTech projects,” stated Br. Rajesh.
The papers are listed below.
Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Prasanth Krishna, Pratheesh Somarajan, Vishnu A. Pillai, Reswan Ul Hakkim, Extraction of License Plate Region in Automatic License Plate Recognition
Rajesh Kannan Megalingam , Gayathri Gopakumar, Jyothi K Sasidharan, Anju Ajit and Deepthi Luke, A VLSI Implementation and Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms for Security and Privacy in Communication Networks

Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Ashwin Mohan, Shekhil Hassan Thavalengal, Tanmay Muralidhar Rao, Vivek Periye, Low Power Single Core CPU for a Dual Core Microcontroller
The papers will be listed in IEEE Xplore and indexed by both EI (Compendex) and ISI Proceedings (ISTP).
We asked one group of students to describe the work undertaken. They enthusiastically shared details of their research.
“We ran a Dual Core Microcontroller (two computers on a single chip) using a low-power Single Core CPU,” they explained. “Our main aim was to save power. Microcontrollers are used in many electronic devices such as a refrigerators, TVs and iron boxes that are regularly used in most homes.”
“When people buy an electronic device, they place more emphasis on its cost and running speed. They select devices that are cheap and those that run with a high speed. But they forget that most of these devices consume a lot of power, resulting in high electricity bills.”

 “Our research was conducted to investigate how microcontrollers could run on low power and consume less electricity, and at the same time, ensure the performance/efficiency of the system at a comparable speed and affordable prices.”
How was the reduction in power consumption obtained?
“By various methods. We gated clock signals for a period of time, when components such as registers and flip-flops did not need to work. Due to this, components could be disabled without affecting the working of the circuit and a lot of power was saved.”
“We also tested devices at various voltage levels to check for the minimum voltage required at which the system could function. This voltage scaling can also help reduce power consumption.”
“Finally, we also tried serialization of the data bus. Serialisation refers to the transfer of one bit of data at a time.”

This group of students was preceded by several other students groups who also studied the problem of enabling CPU function on low power. Earlier student groups have presented their research at the International Conference of Computer Science and Information Technology (August 2009, Beijing, China), International Conference of Parallel Processing (September 2009, Vienna, Austria) and International Conference and Workshop on Emerging Trends in Technology (March 2010, Mumbai).

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2 projects shortlisted for AIYEHum 2010 from Amritapuri campus

IEEE SB at Amrita is proud to announce that 2 out of the 26 projects selected for the AIYEHum 2010 are from Amritapuri campus. The shortlisted projects are :

1.Smart Traffic Controller using Wireless Sensor Networks  ( Vineeth Mohan, Rizwin S, Paul Leons, Ajay M : S5 ECE A)
2.Gesture-Based Wheelchair Control System for Physically-Challenged ( Nived Krishnan, Arun, Daniel C J, Arjun : S8 ECE )

All India Young Engineers’ Humanitarian Challenge 2010 (AIYEHum 2010 (  ) is an initiative of IEEE Bangalore Section supported by IEEE India Council to fund, mentor and nurture the ideas of young engineers to benefit humanity. They invite project proposals from the science and technology students of India, that are intended to solve humanitarian challenges. Out of the 80 proposals received, an expert committee  had shortlisted 26 for funding upto Rs.10,000 each.

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Our students shine at Brahma 2010

A group of talented students from our campus rocked the paper presentation contest -‘the Navapravarthana’, that marked the commencement of technical events at Brahma 2010, the Annual culturo-tech fest at Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kalady. Venkat Krishnan, Vineeth Sarma, Mithun M and Rahul Srikumar, all IEEE student members, made the IEEE student branch proud by winning top honours at Navapravarthana in variuous categories. 

The event is sub-divided into 3 categories: each for electrical science,computer science and mechanical science. The team of Venkat Krishnan and Vineeth Sarma bagged first prize in Electrical science category. They presented a paper on their research topic ‘Hardware Implementation of Low Power, High Speed DCT/IDCT Based Digital Image Watermarking’. ( Prize Money :Rs 5000/- )

The team of Mithun and Rahul won the second prize in the same category. They presented their paper based on ‘Performance Comparison of Novel, Robust Spatial Domain Digital Image Watermarking with the Conventional Frequency Domain Watermarking Techniques’.( Prize Money :Rs 3000/- )

Venkat Krishnan and Mithun teamed up together to present their paper on ‘Gating and Serializing the Data Path of CPU for Low Power Consumption’ that won them the 1st prize in the Computer Science category. ( Prize Money :Rs 5000/- )

Congratulations to the winners for their marvellous effort.

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