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Technical Tutorials (on March 6, 2011 )

Tutorial 1:

Bioinspired Approaches to Optimization – Dr. Raghavendra V. Kulkarni

Dr. Raghavendra V. Kulkarni, Dept. of Wireless Networks and Applications, Amrita University, Amritapuri

Optimization intuitively refers to determining “good” values of one or more variables (such as the number of study hours and the percentage of income to save in a retirement plan). Optimization is an extremely important task in all aspects of engineering, business and life. Several deterministic approaches to engineering optimization exist. These approaches are characterized by exponential increase in computational expenses with increase in the number of optimization variables. This is referred to as the curseofdimensionality. This renders the approaches unattractive for many realtime optimization problems.

Nature tackles the problem of optimization with simple and yet wonderful approaches. Ants find the shortest and yet the safest route to their food. Birds fly in a coordinated manner as if they follow a central command. Such biological intelligence has inspired computer scientists to develop optimization algorithms that are computationally inexpensive, therefore quick. Such algorithms produce satisfactory optimization results in reasonable time frame. Read the rest of this entry »

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LINK Face to Face Meet 2011- ECLECTIC ’10

Amrita IEEE is proud to announce that we have been given the opportunity to conduct this year’s LINK Face to Face event on 6th March. The event would kick-start an array of LINK events monitored by the Kerala Section of IEEE India. The Face to Face event will contain an impressive list of technical and non-technical events. The registration details are stated below:

DD should be drawn in favor of “IEEE student Chapter” payable at “Kollam”.
DD should reach on or before Feb 28th 2011.
Fee: Rs. 75 for SB Chair or Link Rep.
Rs. 100 for other IEEE student members.
Rs. 150 for non-IEEE students .
If accommodation is needed, a nominal fee will be charged at the campus.
The DD should be posted to the following address:
Mr. Rajesh Kannan
Amrita School Of Engineering
Amritapuri, Clappana P.O.
Kollam, 690 525

In parallel, IEEE SB at Amrita is also organizing a Tutorials as follows:

1) Bio-inspired  approaches to Optimization” by Dr. Raghavendra V Kulkarni, Faculty, Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications.

2) An Introduction to Compressed Sensing – Dr. Nithin Nagaraj

The workshop registration fee (both workshops included) is as given below:

-Rs.150 for IEEE student members.
-Rs.200 for others .
A single DD is enough for both F2F and workshop registration fee.

Click on the following link to register now:  REGISTER

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IEEE Awareness Programme at AMRITA

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kollam IEEE SB conducted an IEEE awareness program for the first year Electronics and Communication Engineering student’s on 4th August 2010. The program was conducted at CIR Learning Room ‐2, at the University Main Building between 2
and 4 pm. 140 students attended the program. PowerPoint presentation included Introduction, History, Values and Benefits of IEEE. It was followed by the Student branch presentation. The presentation was prepared and presented by Ramesh N Nair, LINK Representative, IEEE SB and Vineeth Mohan, Webmaster & PRO, IEEE SB. The program was presided by Mr. Rajesh Kannan, IEEE SB Counselor. The students were explained the value and benefits of being IEEE members. IEEE pamphlets were distributed to the students, which contained information about the various benefits of IEEE membership. The sessions were made interactive by having a quiz in between the presentation. The students who answered correctly were given IEEE complements. The students were encouraged to ask their doubts about IEEE after the presentation. The overall feedback of the students was that they were given awareness to the IEEE activities, and they showed their willingness to come up and participate in the various SB and LINK events.

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